Tattletales of a Speech-Language Pathologist


The CFY can be daunting for the unprepared. This survival guide is a compilation of detailed questions, answers, ideas, and stories from my first two years serving as a speech-language pathologist in the skilled nursing facility. Each chapter will take you through a topic that was, in some way, confusing or difficult for me to manage during my clinical fellowship year. This book touches on the topics of workplace relationships, assessment and treatment, palliative care within and outside of our scope, and even financial outlooks for the speech-language pathologist. I am no expert; just someone who’s been on the road for a little bit, seen the sights, and has a passion for the field. Nothing in this book is a secret, but much of it I didn’t know before I started on this journey. If the skilled nursing facility is your first stop on your journey, take a few tools with you. You’ll need them to survive!

BETTER SPEECH AND HEARING MONTH is over, but the fun has just begun!


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Tattletales of a Speech-Language Pathologist: The CFY’s Guide to Surviving the Skilled Nursing Facility

ISBN: 978-1736497807

Format: Paperback and eBook

Date of Publication: February 9, 2021

Authored by: Suleika J. Pryce M.S. CCC-SLP
Editor: Melissa Niemann
Copyright 2020
Brooklyn, New York, United States