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Cognitive communication refers to the ability an individual has to orient themselves to a situation, make connections within reality, and perform higher order tasks – including managing money and a daily schedule. People with cognitive decline may communicate in a disorganized way or may otherwise function differently in interpersonal interaction due to an inability to sufficiently focus or remember information.

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Cognitive training



Tactus Therapy

  • Category Therapy
  • Visual Attention Therapy
  • Spaced Retrieval Therapy

 CT Speech and Cognitive Therapy App

Reminders & prompts

Pill Prompter

Endeavor 3


EZ Buzz


Money Management

Money Up!

Cash Strapped

TASK Simplification



processing & strategizing

Monument Valley

Plants vs. Zombies

Community & Communication Tools

In Case of Emergency

Unus Tactus

Community Sidekick

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for Therapists


  • BCAT Self-Assessment Tools.
  • BCRS, FAST, and GDS.
  • Brief Evaluation of Executive Function.
  • Dementia Severity Rating Scale.
  • Functional Activities Questionnaire.
  • Lawton-Brody IADL.
  • MOCA.
  • Neuro-QoL.
  • SAGE.
  • Short Blessed Test.
  • SLUMS.
  • Iowa Trail Making Test

List from

Cognitive Communication CHECKLIST for Acquired Brain Injury (CCCABI)

The Montreal Evaluation of Communication (MEC)

Assessment of Language Related Functional Activities (ALFA)

Brief Cognitive Rating Scale

Test of Everyday Attention (TEA)

Canvas Placemat

Addenbrooke’s Cognitive Examination III

RIPA-G:2: Ross Information Processing Assessment-Geriatric, Second Edition

Functional Assessment of Verbal Reasoning and Executive Strategies

Repeatable Battery for the Assessment of Neuropsychological Status

Scales of Cognitive and Communicative Ability for Neurorehabilitation (SCCAN)

La Trobe Communication Questionnaire

Galveston Orientation and Amnesia Test (GOAT)



Non-Verbal Assessments

  • Raven’s Progressive Matrices (RPM)
  • Cognitive Linguistic Quick Test (CLQT)
  • Test of Nonverbal Intelligence (TONI)
  • Butt Nonverbal Reasoning Test (BNVR)

List from Tactus Therapy

Nonverbal Tests of Intelligence

Continuing education

What’s Working in treatment

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