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My story is short and still being written. My blog guides others through where I’ve been – the good, the bad, the ugly – what I learned, and what my plans are.


A day in the life of any SLP is filled with answering plenty of questions, and some of them we don’t know how to answer ourselves. A community forum for everyday issues.


We’ll cover news from various sources – local and global. Find out how this is affecting SLPs and what we are doing about it. Discuss ideas and opinions here.

  • Red Tote Bag Chronicles
    Like many speech-language therapists on the go, Miss Suleika holds a record trophy for the largest therapy bags to hit the road into home health. At the very least, I’d say about six months ago, I was carrying a trunk worth of materials. Fresh off the SNF train and overwhelmed with the telehealth-to-in-person transition, I … Continue reading Red Tote Bag Chronicles
  • Damsels in Direct Patient Care
    It’s just like me to look at the calendar and realize not only is it the end of a month, but the end of the first quarter of the year! I’m beyond excited to place my last two cents on the last day of women’s history month, and celebrate all of the badass women that … Continue reading Damsels in Direct Patient Care
  • The Road to Behavioral Health
    Littered with many changed plans and broken promises, I found a light at the end of a 4 month journey after leaving the SNF setting: Behavioral Health. Might just be me, but who applies for jobs in bulk as a set it an forget it measure? I do it, not often, but certainly enough to … Continue reading The Road to Behavioral Health
  • Self-published and Self-sabotaged?
    This post is, really, an apology post. Wherrreeee have you been, you may have been wondering? Maybe not. Either way, I’ve got to say, I hoped to be way more consistent than I’ve been. This entire journey sprouted from the decision to self publish my book Tattletales of a Speech Language Pathologist: the CFY’s Guide … Continue reading Self-published and Self-sabotaged?
  • Black is My History
    I didn’t quite feel comfortable letting the last minutes of February slip by without saying something. As busy as life gets, and the farther we get from elementary school programs and poster boards, the more we have to attune to the real black history – not just the history that made us, but the history … Continue reading Black is My History

Though miles may lie between us, we are in fact not too far apart.