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Auditory rehabilitation refers to the communicative intervention taken for people with any level of hearing loss, whether corrected or uncorrected. “Deafness” may refer to the hearing loss itself or the culture built around the absence of or reduction in hearing acuity, especially considering the use of a sign language in place of verbal language.

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Angel Sound

Hear Coach


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British English Vowel Training

Listening and Communication Enhancement (LACE)

Seeing and Hearing Speech


Computer Assisted Speech Perception Sentences (CasperSent)

KTH Speech Training

Options for Auditory Training for Adults with Hearing Loss by Semin Hear Nov 2015



Books on Deafness (diagnosis, treatment, and more)

for Therapists

Speech Perception Assessment and Training System for the Hearing Impaired (SPATS-HI)

Evaluation of Auditory Functioning and Rehabilitation Using Patient-Reported Outcome Measures

Continuing education

Components of Adult Auditory Rehabilitation Assessment and Treatment Christin Ray

What’s Working in treatment

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