Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities


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Intellectual disabilities range from simple learning or attentional deficits to severely reduced functional participation in activities of daily living. The intellectual disability may be related to a genetic syndrome, which may also that affect the physical, medical, behavioral, and social components of an individual’s life. The disability may also be related to autism spectrum disorder. Sensory processing deficits are prevalent among these groups. These individuals benefit from early intervention, but may receive continued supports throughout childhood and adulthood.

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apps and programs

Executive Functioning


First Then Visual Schedule

I Get It -My Schedules at Social Skills Stories

Functional Planning System

Emotional intelligence & Regulation

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame


If… The Emotional IQ Game

The Mood Meter

More from Region 4 Education Service Center

Every Day Speech

Classroom Learning

Voice Dream Reader

Capti Voice

Comorbid Physical disability

(vision, hearing, wheelchair bound)

Brio Nav/ Brio Smart (Navability)

Hear You Now

Be My Eyes

Derived from Endeavour Foundation

Ariadne GPS

Fleksy–Happy Typing


Browse the Maine CITE



Bla Bla Bla (auditory, visual)

Super Slime Simulator (visual)

Heat Pad (visual)

Miracle Modus

Brain Works


Hiki dating for the autism spectrum


More Book Recommendations

for Therapists

TOOLS & ideas

Sensory for the SLP

Prompting (Graduated Guidance): Steps for Implementation

Engaging Children on the Spectrum Using Visual Instructions

social skills & PRAGMATICS


Faces and Feelings Listening Lotto

Too Much, Too Little, Just Enough


Simon’s Cat

Everyday Speech on YouTube

Executive functioning

6 Activities for Executive Functioning

Pragmatic Language Tests

Clinical Assessment of Pragmatics

Test of Pragmatic Language

PLSI: Pragmatic Language Skills Inventory

Children’s Communication Checklist-2 U.S. Edition (CCC-2)

Test of Problem Solving-3 Elementary

Test of Problem Solving-2 Adolescent

Social Emotional Evaluation

Social Language Development Test -Elementary

Social Language Development Test -Adolescent

List Adapted from

Functional Living and Language

Texas Functional Living Scale (TFLS)

Functional Linguistic Communication Inventory (FLCI)

Functional Communication Profile

Disability Evaluations Directory

Continuing education

Orofacial Disorders

What’s Working in treatment

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