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Geriatrics applies to the science of human aging. Older people, 55 and up, are under a special medical and societal umbrella due to their overall likeliness of experiencing a variety of changes in their health. Among these changes are increased risks of chronic diseases that affect critical internal organs. Progressive neurological issues are often a concern, and require careful attention, especially in the case of dementia. Brain health topics include cognitive and memory care as well as prevention of traumatic events.

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Technology is not just for the young! In development of the field and the way we serve our populations, technological innovations have proven as good as gold to aid in the various areas of language, behavior, and social communication we aim to treat in older adults. Of course, we don’t treat by age alone, so it may prove helpful to browse apps that relate to the diagnosis.

DEMENTIA Activities of Daily Living, Mindfulness

Flower Garden

My Reef 3D

More Grillin’

Christmas Tree


Study My Tremor

Steady Type Keyboard

Parkinson’s Central


Parkinson’s – VOICE

LSVT Global

Loud & Clear

Speech Prompts

Speak Up for Parkinson’s

List from Aptus Speech Therapy

Post-Stroke – Cognition, communication, Lifestyle



Recognize Rehabilitation App

What’s the Saying?

What’s the Difference?



Memory Care

Mind Mate



Respiratory Care

Paced Breathing

Dig deeper. Your patients may benefit from a more skill-specific app. Return to Resources and click on a tab such as Voice, Aphasia, or Dysarthria for more app ideas!


The Caregiver’s Toolbbox

Senior Care Live

Boomer Living

Dementia Care Partner

Better Health While Aging

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WEB & Blog

Geriatric is NOT a boring word! For many, life has just begun.

Where to Retire?

Sixty and Me

for Therapists


Assessments that are used in a geriatric care facility are numerous and should always be administered with proper certification and understanding of the patients’ needs and symptoms. The tools listed here are not meant as SLP specific assessment tools – however, may be discussed with a multidisciplinary team when concerns present. For SLP specific assessment tools – for example, cognitive communication – select appropriate tab in Resources.

Geriatric Assessment Tools (Cognitive and Functional Ability)

Adult Rehab – Geriatric Assessment Tools

Geriatric Functional Assessment

Neurological Rehab

Digital Rehab Platform – 9Zest

Interventions for Treatment of Respiratory Issues in Rehab


Most Commonly Prescribed Drugs

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