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Pediatric feeding is a service provided at the early stages of or throughout childhood for children that have difficulty with chewing or swallowing food or are very picky eaters. A medical team is always involved around feeding cases, with the rehab team (speech and occupational therapists, most often) act as the support system. While pediatric feeding problems are common and may resolve with therapy alone, medical and dietary management may include placement of feeding tubes.

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Breastfeeding Apps

Pediatric Feeding News – Feeding Therapy App Ideas

My Tubefeeding Tracker


Child Nutrition

Waffles and Mochi

Fed UP

The Kid’s Menu

Good Eats


Nobody Ever Told Me (or my Mother) That!: Everything from Bottles and Breathing to Healthy Speech Development


First Bite

Feed to Succeed

The Feeding Pod

The Nourished Child

SOS Approach to Feeding with Dr. Toomey


INTO the Mouth of Babes: A Pediatric Dysphagia Primer – Down the Hatch

The One About Pediatric Dysphagia with Michelle Dawson – Speechie Side Up

“Pediatric Dysphagia: Beyond the Basics”, Dr. Corey Baker – Connecticut Children’s Grand Rounds

Nuggets & Fries: Discussing Picky Eating with Jennifer Woody – Unbabbled Podcast



Provider Directory

EZPZ Feeding Products for Feeding Challenges

Continuing education

The Anxious Eater (Masterclass) – by Melanie Potock

Pediatric Feeding Therapy, LLC

3 Courses from Therapy Insights

Pediatric Vital Stim


Advanced Certificate in Pediatric Dysphagia @ New York Medical College




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Feeding Matters Community Workshops

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