So, What’s the Story Anyway?

Ages ago, no one could tell me I wasn’t going to be a doctor… not just any doctor, but an animal doctor. I’ve never had a pet aside from my goldfish Flipper. I don’t know what led me to this early decision to seek out veterinary medicine; maybe it just sounded cool, but years later I’m everything but what I thought life had set out for me. I’m happy for myself, but also extremely nerve wracked over it all. I don’t have a true recollection of my emotional settings at the beginning of my CFY. A lot was going on, so perhaps a rollercoaster of “Wee, grad school’s done”, loop-dee-loop of “Am I doing this right?” and a screaming roar from the top of “This isn’t what I saw coming!!!!” all hit in the same short duration of time.. and then over and over again until… well, let’s just say I’m still riding this ride without a seatbelt and well under the height requirement. I’m putting my big ol’ foot into this CFY pie called Tattletales of a Speech Language Pathologist – my new book and my new brand. My aim is to guide myself and a number of YOU beautiful people through a journey that no one in our position can take lightly. It’s our bread and butter. Okay, okay, analogies aren’t always my strongest point but it suffices for the speech therapy. It is the foundation we build on for years and years and more years as we fall more in love with our crafts. There are tons of places with tons of information and opportunities to help chisel and tone our skills and experience. You definitely want to get the book if you’ll be in a SNF, and if not, still subscribe for blogs, access to advice column, and my opinion column. This road does not have to be traveled alone. Journey with ME! You won’t regret it.