Turning the Page

“Turning the page” is literal, metaphorical, arousing, depressing, and all the other chemical reactions life has to offer. In this moment, it is the release of something I’ve held onto for more time than I originally meant to. Tattletales of a Speech-Language Pathologist: The CFY’s Guide to Surviving the Skilled Nursing Facility is finally, FINALLY published! It’s been hell and high water to get to this point, but surely… I made it… WE made it! I don’t take it for granted that someone of my level of experience has been able to produce something useful for our community of people. You don’t have to have a PhD to prove you know a thing or two and can bring your brain to the table. Success in this – or any – field is so much more than book knowledge. Anatomy will not save you in retirement. It also won’t save you from a crazed, disrobed dementia patient during your morning session. But two cents from someone whose been there and who cares, can.

It feels like a lifetime now, but turning a new leaf and leaving the SNF behind for some time has been extremely good for me. My newest chapter is in adult behavioral health. It’s a far cry from what I’m used to – to say the least – but you’ll realise sooner than later, when you’re well equipped and confident in your skills, nothing ever feels like TOO much to handle.

New survival book loading?