A Prayer on Thanksgiving

I bore life into a world I believed would love

As hard as I was ready to

My womb swelled with anxious butterflies

I was unafraid for myself

For I had far more of that emotion to give away

Than to keep.

So selflessly, I poured into you

The birth of an atom of dream

My unique mixture of divine spices

A funny balance of sense and scents

That brought me to hallucination

I refilled with the hope that they’d work together in harmony

I read stories to increase my faith

I washed my hands of my needs to improve your stay

And each day I would do the same 

Labor over things to turn out right

I love you more each day and night 

And little by little I’m learning that love is

All of these petty forgettable things

Taking up a bigger space in your heart

It’s remembering you don’t eat rice when it’s too soft

And cover your ears when a fire truck passes

It’s forgiving myself when I can’t comfort you

It’s enough never being enough

It’s being thankful even when things are tough

It’s finding the energy when my tank is on E

It’s being worthy of you, God’s greatest blessing to me

Something tells me He chuckled at my plans

Unknowing that my schedules and routines 

Were all imperfect for who you’d be

You see

I’m glad for a day like this, more than a birthday!

To manifest new beginnings

You celebrate not just life

But also a shift of minds

A meeting with one’s soul

Rather, prayers of thanks untold

For throughout the rest of the year 

Hopes and wishes

Goals and dreams

Push us forward onto our toes

But today and only today 

Standing still is the gift we hold

Thankfulness for exactly what we have

Wanting for nothing more

Than an opportunity to brag

About how good God has already been

For health, strength, happiness, and family

Will always be amongst the finer things.