Damsels in Direct Patient Care

It’s just like me to look at the calendar and realize not only is it the end of a month, but the end of the first quarter of the year! I’m beyond excited to place my last two cents on the last day of women’s history month, and celebrate all of the badass women that are making SLP the platforms of our hustler spirits.

Women have won the soft skills jobs fair and square… but this time around, it’s a bit different. While some of our seasoned professionals take the most pride in making speech smooth and the voice more pleasant to listen to… I take pride in our ability to:

• Spend the day caring for twenty times the amount of kids that some of us go home to every night.

• Listening to the same stories, in the same order, with the same pictures, and that same silly song.

• Juggle documentation like we’re performing for Medicare’s got Talent.

• Doing the stair stepper machine in scrubs and a labcoat for 8 hours of the day.

• Dress up in heavy spaceship gear and gather the forces of X-ray vision to perform MBSS

• Stand up tall to over-seasoned, salty, and stubborn MDs

• Risking it all to bring our tails to work to be essential in all the ways we never hoped for, and still ignored for the ways we do.

• Smile… constantly.. persistently… and effortlessly… 

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say, SLP busts my behind every day. And every day I choose to be a stronger professional, a more upright human being, a more fabulous woman, and a more dirty hustler.

This month, to me, is a great time to look back on what women chose to do that changed the world. It gives us more power to relinquish all doubt that we are indeed badass, worthy, and magical.

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